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In this chapter we look at the ceiling in the old (lower) part. What is immediately noticeable is the rich decoration of paintings and stucco. Imagine how the original ceiling had been light blue. The stuccos had been given a shadow effect with light gray paint. These decorations were made by Father Vicarius and Brother Cornelis. Both associated with the Friars Minor in Maaseik. They were paid 90 pattacons for this. A pattacon was worth 48 stuivers. So about 2 guilders and 40 cents. Say a guilder or 200, (€80) you can't get a ceiling plastered for that anymore.
Most striking are of course the medallions, neatly surrounded by stucco. Looking at the altar we start on the left
• The transport of the house by the angels.
• Opposite, a priest who refuses to renounce his faith, he is mistreated by the Turks.
• The medallion in the center left represents the cure of a plague epidemic
• The medallion in the center right represents the rescue of a ship by Mary
• The remaining medallion on the left represents an “unchaste” woman saved by Mary.
• In the last painting, a young man is saved from the devil.

If we look closely at a rosette in the highest part, we see a hook. On this hook hung an 88 lb. "candlestick". A little further on we see the coat of arms of Clara Elisabeth von Manderscheid Blankenheim.


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As a real education family, the idea was to offer the children a tour in Thorn, in order to generate interest in Thorn but also in history in general.

Children come with their parents and go the same route as the adults. The route was thus determined by that of the adults.

That adult route could also be improved, since the software made this possible, it was ready before the children's tour.

Collaboration with the Thorn Museum.

Even in the first test phase, Museum Thorn showed an immediate interest in our tours and it was soon decided to enter into a collaboration.

The vision of the Thorn museum is that the town of Thorn is actually a large open-air museum. We can only endorse that.

We hope you enjoy your stay in Thorn and look forward to seeing you again.

Hélène, Sanne and Geert Stams.

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