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When you are in front of the building you can recognize a lower part on the right. On the left is a higher part. At the back is the candle hall, which you can also enter.
The right and lower part is the original chapel, the rest was added later.

Wiilem Boyens “statsmuerrer te Rurmondt” is sent to Baerle (Nassau) to measure another Loreto chapel. This chapel was built by pastor of Herdegom who had previously made a pilgrimage to Loreto. The sizes do indeed correspond to the sizes of the chapel in Loreto. These sizes can also be found in pilgrim guides from that time. The chapel in Baerle has unfortunately disappeared. By keeping the measurements exactly, an attempt was made to guarantee great authenticity.
Willem Boyens started construction on August 25, 1673. The foundation stone is laid in the presence of some members of the Manderscheidt Blankenheim family. Construction is progressing well. As the statement shows, Willem Boyens worked on it for 19 days with 5 helpers. In the spring of 1674, the roof is closed and the turret on the roof is placed, after which the furnishing can begin. The statue of Mary is brought on September 8 with a procession. A detail here is that a day earlier someone was sent to Heel to pick up the harpsichord, after all, the chapel did not yet have an organ.
The following year, the chapel is provisionally consecrated on 9 February. The actual consecration took place in 1681.

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4A. The Chapel under the Linden, exterior extra
When the French invaded Thorn in 1794, the chapel was closed. Thorn's last Abbess, however, had been prescient. She sold the chapel and the adjacent chapel house to Canon Broeckmeulen. Ecclesiastical goods were sold by the French to keep the virtually bankrupt France afloat. Private goods were spared from this. The chapel reopened in 1801, but the visitor numbers were so great that Broeckmeulen decided to expand the chapel with the high (left) part. On the death of Canon Broeckmeulen, the chapel fell to the parish of St. Michael.
The rear part was built in 1898, first as a confessional hall, today as a candle hall.
The chapel can still look forward to large numbers of Mary worshippers and still occupies a special place today.


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As a real education family, the idea was to offer the children a tour in Thorn, in order to generate interest in Thorn but also in history in general.

Children come with their parents and go the same route as the adults. The route was thus determined by that of the adults.

That adult route could also be improved, since the software made this possible, it was ready before the children's tour.

Collaboration with the Thorn Museum.

Even in the first test phase, Museum Thorn showed an immediate interest in our tours and it was soon decided to enter into a collaboration.

The vision of the Thorn museum is that the town of Thorn is actually a large open-air museum. We can only endorse that.

We hope you enjoy your stay in Thorn and look forward to seeing you again.

Hélène, Sanne and Geert Stams.

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